Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Break Up

Madison Vanderberg

Well, that was quick.

Why do we even report on teenage romances? Although it’s been barely a month or two since we announced that Ariana Grande split from her boyfriend to be with The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes, we’re now reporting that Ariana and Nathan have broken up.

Side note: Apparently neither Ariana nor Nathan are teenagers, which makes all of this even more crazy.

When asked by a Florida radio station about her boyfriend Nathan, Ariana told them “you’re a little behind.”

The radio station didn’t press further about what “you’re a little behind” meant, but fans have taken that to mean that they’ve ended things.

However, she did state during the interview that she and Nathan are just “really good friends.”

Well, so much for all those tweets and that duet which made it appear that they were on their way to the altar.


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