“Arrested Development” Season 5 Will Be Everything Fans Wanted From Season 4

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

It’s finally happening. After literally years of teasing and hinting, Netflix has finally released a trailer for the fifth season of “Arrested Development”.

Considering that season four of “Arrested Development” is essentially what kicked off the sprawling behemoth of Netflix original content, it’s strange that it’s taken so long for us to get more.

Perhaps part of the problem is the fact that season four wasn’t entirely well received. There are great moments in it, sure, but the season suffered from a few challenges.

The biggest issue is the fact that, with so many talented actors with busy schedules, it was near impossible to get everyone together to actually film the season. This is why season four involves plenty of characters in isolation, not really interacting with each other.

The other issue is that of pacing. The episodes were split up to focus on each of the disparate characters separately. What’s more, all varied in length and (let’s face it) quality.

These issues have since been fixed with some heavy re-editing that make the season better resemble the twenty minute television experience, which shows that the creators have realized their mistake.

Source: Netflix

The pacing issue isn’t the only thing that we’ve been promised will be fixed. One of the big reasons why season five has taken so long is because, this time, everyone involved has been attempting to find a time in their schedules to commit to a full show again.

This means getting the full band back together again. It means that, from a purely technical standpoint, season five will feel more like classic “Arrested Development” than season four every could, even with a re-edited structure.

Some Very Special Episodes

I’m optimistic. I don’t imagine that this new instalment in the series will manage to live up to the nostalgia of the original three seasons, but then, when does nostalgic entertainment ever actually deliver on its promise?

Arrested Development Cast Reunited
Source: Netflix

I’m also hesitant to see Jeffrey Tambor on-screen again following those murky sexual harassment allegations. This may end up as another Grindelwald situation. A small role from a problematic actor is enough to taint the entire story.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing how season five turns out. This could be the triumph of Netflix original entertainment that the fourth season was always meant to be.