Avril Lavigne Should Ditch the Goth Makeup More Often

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Allure Magazine)

For more than a decade we’ve become accustomed to Avril Lavigne’s signature look: a little Hot Topic, A LOT of smudged eyeliner. It’s just what we expect from her.

But then there are those rare instances when she shuts her box of cosmetics and turns it all down. The result? Looking even more like a total babe than she already does.

Let’s start with this first photo as proof.



Followed by this one.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images


We love when she goes fresh-faced.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Which is probably the most rebellious thing a celebrity can do on a carpet these days.


Looking like an ~angel~.



(So beautiful we could cry, by the way.)



Even if she doesn’t go entirely makeup free, there’s still room to be minimal and flawless.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images


By far the best photo taken of her. Ever.


Wouldn’t you agree?

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