Bad News: The Coolest ‘Thor’ Supporting Character Will Not Appear in ‘Ragnarok’

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Bad news, guys.

We all love Darryl. Everyone does – he’s possibly the most relatable character in all of the MCU.

Having shown up in two comedy shorts from Taika Waititi – Team Thor and its sequel – the Norse God of Thunder’s longsuffering roommate won fans instantly for perfectly reflecting what it’d actually be like to live in a world of superheroes, as well as shining a light on the awful experience of living with a roommate who refuses to act like a normal human being.

We’ve all been there.

Sadly, it seems that Darryl won’t exactly have a starring role in Thor: Ragnarok. His character isn’t exactly canon within the wider MCU, and Thor himself has revealed that Darryl won’t even get so much as a cameo in the upcoming movie.

Apparently, though, we shouldn’t be too surprised is Darryl shows up in Infinity War.

It is entirely possible – nay, probable – that Chris Hemsworth was just joking around when he said this, as a way to get fans talking and speculating.

Well, congratulations, Chris, mission accomplished. That said, we’re going to go ahead and assume that this is true anyway.

It would be wonderful to see Darryl, if only for a second, peeking out of his curtains as the sky turns black as the result of some evil thing that Thanos is up to. It’d be great to see him, just in passing, to pay tribute to this, the most noble of all Marvel’s heroes.

This, naturally, would lead to Darryl getting his own spin-off movie, where he goes about his daily life, does his boring office job, maybe flirts awkwardly with someone, and then gets attacked by invading Chitauri soldiers.

It’d be the perfect movie.