Bad News: The Best Minor Character From ‘Game of Thrones’ Won’t Be Returning

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: HBO)

If you were put on the spot right now, who would you say the best character in Game of Thrones is?

Whatever you’re thinking, you’re probably wrong. The answer is Meera Reed.

Sure, she’s not as flashy or cool as Danaerys or Jon Snow. She’s not got Tyrion’s wit or even Sir Onion Knight Davos’ steely composure, but Meera Reed is the single greatest character in all of Thrones lore.

Who else would, having suffered enormous personal hardship and the death of many of her friends and family, willingly drag Bran Stark half way across the map for the sake of a big, grand destiny that has literally nothing to do with her?

Put simply, Meera is an absolute gem, and it’s a tragedy that she won’t be returning for season eight.

Meera Reed in Game of Thrones
Source: HBO

Well, we assume not. Actor Ellie Kendrick, who plays Meera, has spoken publicly about the fact that she hasn’t been contacted by anyone involved with Game of Thrones, asking her to return for filming the show’s next installment. With filming already underway, it looks like Meera’s story has come to an end.

The most frustrating thing about this is how anticlimactic it all is. Thrones season eight will wrap up the show, bringing a conclusion to everyone in Westeros, but without even a single scene to provide some closure on her story, Meera will be left as a character who simply suffered a great deal, overcame terrible obstacles, did the right thing, and then quietly faded away, never to be seen or heard from again.

Oh well. At least she won’t get killed in a gruesome and horrendous death scene. Maybe it’s for the best that she won’t be showing up again, if only because it means that she can gracefully bow out of the action before getting swept up in it all and ultimately destroyed in one of the upcoming big battles we’ll be getting to see.

Meera in the Snow in Game of Thrones
Source: HBO

In the absence of a lot of other very important characters from the show’s past, season seven focused heavily on a few key faces across Westeros. It’s not that there’s nobody left alive, but at this point, Game of Thrones doesn’t seem like a show that will elevate any other side characters. Instead we’ll get a tighter and tighter focus on all of Dany and Jon Snow’s “activities”, while the rest of the universe disappears into the background.

But, there is hope. Perhaps one of the many Game of Thrones spin-off shows that HBO is working on will center on Meera and her adventures after getting Bran to Winterfell!

It’s a long shot, but it’s still worth hoping for at the very least!