Barbara Walters’ Final ‘Most Fascinating People’ List Revealed

Matt Dekneef

Barbara Walters, the self-proclaimed arbiter of Things That Are Fascinating, has revealed her list of “Most Fascinating People” for the year 2013.

The annual pop culture staple doesn’t divulge the entire top 10—she saves the reveal of the number one spot for the accompanying television special airing December 18th—but here’s a select few for the time being:

–      Jennifer Lawrence

–      Miley Cyrus

–      Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

–      Prince George Alexander Louis

–      The cast of “Duck Dynasty”

–      Robin Roberts

–      Long-distance record holder Diana Nyad

–      NSA leaker Edward Snowden

–      Pope Francis

Also worth noting: This will be Barbara’s final “Most Fascinating” special (she’s retiring from the airwaves next year), which means that this year’s most fascinating of all ~~tHe FaSciNaTinG peOpLeS~~ will hold an honorary title as her last choice for the accolade.

Any guesses?

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