Barbara Walters Hospitalized After Fall at Inauguration Party

John Howard

The world sucked in a collective GASP when news broke that Barbara Walters had experienced a scary fall in Washington, D.C. over the weekend.

But, based on news coming from the 83-year-old interview tycoon’s camp, it appears that, as always: Barbara Walters gets hurt when Barbara Walters is ready to get hurt.

Which is never…

While in town to cover President Obama’s inauguration, Walters tripped and fell down a flight of stairs at British Ambassador Peter Westmacott’s D.C. residence during a party. She was taken to a hospital shortly after.

A statement from ABC News Senior Vice President Jeffrey Schneider, relayed by several outlets, claims that not only is Babz doing fine, she’s apparently running the show at the hospital.

“Barbara is alert and telling everyone what to do, which we all take as a very positive sign,” said Schneider.

What is less clear, however, is the state of Westmacott’s staircase after it made direct impact with Walter’s brass-bound dome.

We can only imagine that the television personality, as we all know to possess superpowers and an unstoppable command of ladyforce aptitude that could effortlessly rival that of any of her male news counterparts and the laws of physics altogether, did to those steps what Hurricane Sandy did to the Jersey Shore.

According to reports, Walters suffered a mere cut from the encounter.

And, while on doctor-ordered rest, which—frankly—is a waste of time for someone who simply cannot succumb to a mortal demise—she’s probably drafting up her next soon-to-be award-winning memoir and exposing an overseas political scandal that no one knows about yet. 

In the time it took you to read this, Barbara could have earned four Daytime Emmys. Also, she just calculated the end of pi.   

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