‘The Batman’ Delayed as Ben Affleck Fights Back Against Studio Heads

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Here we go again.

Less than a year ago, fans of Batman and Superman found their hopes for a movie starring both characters were well and truly dashed, as Zack Snyder’s second DC movie proved both a critical failure, and failed to achieve the studio’s lofty box office goals.

While to this day, Warner Bros claims that the movie was a resounding success, it’s hard to believe this self congratulation when the fallout from the movie saw a dramatic reshuffle of DC Entertainment’s upper management, and heavy edits to Suicide Squad which are widely believed to have been, at least in part, an attempt to fix the DCEU’s tonal problems.

Now, it seems that history is repeating itself, as Warner Bros proves (as we’d all long suspected) that they learned the wrong lessons from Batman v Superman. An inside source speaking to the website Batman on Film has claimed that Ben Affleck’s solo movie, The Batman is being delayed to give the movie more polish, amid concerns that Justice League is in dire straits.

Source: Warner Bros

This is hardly surprising, considering that the movie still has Zack Snyder at the helm – a filmmaker who has repeatedly proven that he simply doesn’t understand the core appeal of DC’s heroes.

That said, some ray of hope may be on the horizon.

If DC is giving Ben Affleck more time to polish The Batman before filming begins – something that Affleck has been campaigning heavily for over the past few months – the studio might just be willing to give The Batman the time and resources that are needed to make a truly enjoyable film.

This is the hope, at least. While many DC fans remain optimistic about Justice League, a large portion of the fanbase have shifted their enthusiasm to The Batman, and a potentially Snyder-free movie starring Gotham’s Dark Knight.

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