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The Best Animated Movies For Adults On Netflix

The Best Animated Movies For Adults On Netflix April 23, 2018

best animated movies on netflix

    What are the best animated movies on Netflix that adults can enjoy? 
    Is there anything more universal than staring at Netflix, wondering what to watch?  I spend more time deciding what movie to watch than actually watching movies. But you can’t go wrong with a good cartoon. So here’s a list of the absolute best animated movies on Netflix that even adults will like. Because people too often dismiss animated films as just “for kids.” But the best ones are universal. They appeal to a wide range of audiences. And plenty that that even aim directly at adults. They use the form to tell stories that would be difficult or impossible to tell in live action. Either way, animated movies are awesome. So here are the best ones on Netflix right now.

    Finding Dory (2006)

    Netflix Animated Movies
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    The massively successful follow-up to 2003’s Pixar megahit Finding Nemo, this outing follows its breakout character, the Ellen Degeneres-voiced Dory. In it Dory, the forgetful fish, goes looking for her parents. This movie grossed over a billion dollars, and remains one of the biggest animated movies ever, and it definitely continues Pixar’s long history of quality.