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The Best, Most Completely Insane Moments From “Westworld” (So Far)

The Best, Most Completely Insane Moments From “Westworld” (So Far) May 1, 2018

craziest westworld moments

    What are the craziest Westworld moments?
    It took me a hot minute to get into Westworld, but, boy, am I glad I did. Even if I understand only half of what’s going on most of the time, it’s a damn delight to muddle through. But things haven’t really cleared up in Season 2, have they? Even if they have become rather more topical. This season we’ve learned about murder, tigers and corporate corruption. Maeve has even given us a handy lesson on the perils of white feminism. So let’s get up to speed. Here are the craziest Westworld moments we’ve seen on the show. So far, anyway. SPOILERS AHEAD.

    Westworld Is On An Island!

    craziest westworld moments
    IMAGE BY: Seeing Stars

    I mean, at least I think it is? Bernard wakes up in the surf and there’s something about the Chinese government? But then there’s also, like, multiple Westworlds across the planet? Okay, let’s be honest: I don’t really know what’s going on here.