The Best Part of the Grammys Is Taylor Swift Reacting to Things

Madison Vanderberg

Who cares about anything that happened at the Grammys. It’s all about Taylor Swift’s reactions to everything else that was going on.


Taylor Swift reacting to Kasey Musgraves’ win OVER Taylor for Best Country Album.

She TOLD YOU Ed Sheeran, don’t you remember how Taylor TOLD YOU that Kasey would win?


Taylor Swift reacting to NOT winning Album of the Year.

Uh, girl we thought they said your album name too.


Taylor reacting to Kendrick Lamar’s explosive performance about growing up in Compton.

At least SOMEONE is dancing for him.


Taylor reacting to Beyoncé’s terrifyingly sexy opening number.

Maybe you wanna study a Beyoncé video for some sexy moves, okay?


More of Taylor reacting to Kendrick Lamar.

Get it, girl.


And finally, Taylor reacting to Lorde’s big win.

Awwww, friends.

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