Best Post-Baby Bodies

Madison Vanderberg

Hollywood’s post-baby slim downs are something to behold. Maybe it’s because an actress’s job is to be on camera, but a celebrity baby bump is here today and absolutely gone tomorrow.

These are the most enviable post-baby bodies in Hollywood and how they got them.

Nicole Richie: Nicole Richie slimmed down really fast after the birth of her daughter Harlow. It was almost TOO FAST. She said she dropped all the baby weight in two weeks because she only ate bland soups and plain fish. During her second pregnancy, she lost the weight slower, but still got down to her natural size about three months later.

Gwen Stefani: Gwen’s enviable six-pack stomach existed before AND after her kids’ births. Gwen isn’t a fan of yoga or Pilates, instead she just does “old-school fitness workouts,” you know like, weights and stuff.

Miranda Kerr: Miranda Kerr didn’t even look pregnant when she was pregnant. She claims yoga and eating right is what kept her slim, but when we asked her about her diet, she said she eats, “berries.” So yeah.

Shakira: It’s unbelievable how big her stomach is on the left and how small it is on the right. Shakira credits her weight loss to lots of Zumba and dancing.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum: Jenna’s bump got huge, but the rest of her body didn’t change with it. Jenna said she stayed in shape throughout her pregnancy by going on long walks. In fact, she stated that she went on a long walk the day that she went into labor.

Kristen Bell: Kristen Bell is a petite woman, so weight gain will really show, but this photo was taken just TWO MONTHS after giving birth. Kristen said she headed to the gym as soon as her doctor gave her the OK.

Jessica Alba: Is this the most insane before and after photo or what? Jessica Alba said that she got rid of her belly by wearing a corset every night! Uh, what? We’d rather just do yoga and a cleanse. 

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