Beyonce Debuts Drastic New Haircut

Matt Dekneef

It’s the most daring Beyoncé has looked in years. In what’s possibly the most important chop since Michelle Obama got bangs—a.k.a., The Haircut of a Generation—Bey revealed a blonde pixie cut on Instagram Wednesday night.

After seeing the three photos, the world then immediately asked itself, Should we get a blonde pixie cut? Natural reaction.

The world watched with frightened eyes as her longer stage hair got tangled in the blades of an industrial fan while performing last month, so maybe she’s just taking precautionary measures (and looking stunning in the process).

For those of you who’ve kept up with the singer outside of her music career, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen her rock a shorter cut. In Cadillac Records and Austin Powers: Goldmember, she’s threw on a couple wigs, teasing us with what a more cropped style might look like on her.

What do you think? Are you bowing down to her latest look?

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