The Biggest Bros in Hollywood

Madison Vanderberg

The American Bro is not a phenomenon that exists ONLY in college. In fact, the bro is alive and well all over Hollywood.

These are your Hollywood Bros…


The College Frat Bro AKA Liam Hemsworth

We’re 100% certain that Liam Hemsworth would have been president of his frat if he went to college.


The Finance-Guy Bro AKA Scott Disick

If it weren’t for the Kardashians, The Wolf of Wall Street would have been based on Scott Disick’s life.


The Gym Bro AKA Kellan Lutz

This dude’s life is just Muscle Milk, the gym and taking selfies.


The Outdoor Gym Bro AKA Matthew McConaughey

He’s like the gym bro, but this bro only wants to get yoked outdoors because it seems more pure or close to nature, or whatever.


The Stoner Bro AKA Owen Wilson

He’s a close cousin of the Outdoor Gym Bro, except the stoner bro has never exercised in his life.


The Beer-Gut Bro AKA Miles Teller

He’s fun as hell, but also maybe has a drinking problem.


The #YachtLife Bro AKA Scott Eastwood

He can AFFORD a yacht, but doesn’t know how to sail for shit.


The Southern “Gent” Bro AKA Chace Crawford

We’re not actually sure where’s he’s from, but if Chace Crawford wasn’t famous, he’d be working at his dad’s company in South Carolina or whatever.


The Hollywood Bro AKA Zac Efron

He’s an actor slash model slash whatever, this bro probably has a “drug problem” and maybe slept with Lindsay Lohan once.


The Bad Boy Bro AKA Colin Farrell

He’s not actually bad in any real way, but because he never calls you back, Colin Farrell is branded a “bad boy.”


The Club Bro AKA Pitbull

This dude mostly lives in Miami and wears wrap around shades year-round.


The Funny Bro AKA Seth Rogen

He’s funny until you realize that all he’s good for is dealing weed and making dick jokes.


The Broster AKA Adam Levine

He’s half bro, half hipster, but full douchebag. 

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