“Bill and Ted 3” is Finally Happening, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Matthew Loffhagen
Entertainment Weekly
(Photo: Entertainment Weekly)

I’m not sure how to feel about the news that “Bill and Ted 3” is finally moving forward.

This film has been stuck in development limbo for literal decades. Every time it seems like things are moving forward, the movie’s production suddenly hits a roadblock, and progress stalls.

Nevertheless, it seems like we might finally actually be getting the long-awaited film. Announced at the Cannes Film Festival of all places, this new movie has a director (Dean Parisot of “Galaxy Quest” fame), and both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves have signed on.

This actually seems like it might happen. Finally.

And yet amid my exuberance, I can’t quite shake the feeling that something’s not going to work out.

Maybe I’m just cynical. Perhaps I just can’t allow myself to have any fun.

Considering the number of times this movie has almost happened in the past, though, I think I won’t entirely be convinced until I see images from the first day of shooting.

And, indeed, the last day of shooting. As well as something from the editing suite.

Maybe in truth, I won’t entirely be convinced that “Bill and Ted 3” exists until I’m in the theater watching it for myself. Even then I might not quite believe it.

This might be connected to a second fear that I have surrounding the movie: that the magic will somehow be gone.

Be Excellent To Each Other

We’ve all got a favorite movie series that got a long after-the-fact sequel or reboot that seemed promising, but did little other than revisit a few key nostalgic moments.

These movies always sound so good on paper, until you realize that the movie climate that created a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” or a “Ghostbusters” or, let’s face it, even a “Star Wars” existed in a very narrow period of time.

Some things can’t be adequately recreated by older, wrinklier actors and directors that are trying to recapture their own personal heydays. Personally, I’m very happy that we’ve never had a “Back to the Future Part 4”.

Bill and Ted Original
Source: Orion Pictures

Similarly, we’ve all seen aging rockstars that lack the same fire they had when they were young. Seeing the Rolling Stones or Guns and Roses on tour these days is a very different experience to watching their performance back before all the coke started frying their brains, and the cheeseburgers left them needing to sit down and catch their breath more often.

This is the heart of the premise for “Bill and Ted 3”, and I think there’s a lot that can be explored with this theme of the washed-up megastar. I’m just hesitant to see whether this will live up to thirty years of fan expectations.

Perhaps I’m just too difficult to please.

I really want this movie to be good. I’m just going to have to see something concrete before I can get truly excited.