Brad Pitt Opens Up About Post-Divorce Life in First Interview Since Split From Angelina Jolie

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Brad Pitt is in pain. That’s to be expected; he’s only six months down the road from a very public, very heartbreaking divorce from Angelina Jolie. In a new interview with GQ Style magazine, Pitt opens up for the first time about the divorce, and the subsequent self-reflection and self-improvement he’s embarked on to renovate his life.

Pitt says outright that his drinking had gotten out of hand, admitting that he “was boozing too much” and that he “could drink a Russian under the table with his own vodka.” When asked what he’s replaced alcohol with over the last six months, Pitt says, “Cranberry juice and fizzy water. I've got the cleanest urinary tract in all of L.A., I guarantee you!”

But cranberry juice is just one of several new, healthier coping mechanisms and self-medications Pitt’s been employing to pick up the pieces. His new lifestyle involves everything from listening to music (“I just got R&B for the first time. R&B comes from great pain, but it's a celebration.”), to making art (“I'm making everything. I'm working with clay, plaster, rebar, wood. Just trying to learn the materials.”), to actual, honest-to-God therapy (“I went through two therapists to get to the right one.”).

And Pitt is honest about owning his “side of the street” when it comes to the personal weaknesses and failures that led to the end of his marriage. He admits to being “an asshole when it comes to this need for justice,” holding onto grudges and demanding more fairness out of life. “And this is coming from a guy who hit the lottery,” PItt says. “I'm well aware of that.”

But despite his personal pain and efforts to recover, Pitt’s greatest concerns are his kids, how the divorce and his self-admitted shortcomings as a parent are affecting them:

“Kids are so delicate,” Pitt says.” They absorb everything. They need to have their hand held and things explained. They need to be listened to. When I get in that busy work mode, I'm not hearing. I want to be better at that. … It's just very, very jarring for the kids, to suddenly have their family ripped apart. … If anyone can make sense of it, we have to with great care and delicacy, building everything around that.

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