Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams Spotted On Date!

Madison Vanderberg

Well, there go all our fantasies about Ryan Gosling breaking up with Eva Mendes and getting back together with Rachel McAdams.

Rachel has been scooped up by the other most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, Bradley, wait for it, Cooper.

Bradley and Rachel went on a Sunday afternoon coffee date in Santa Monica and according to an onlooker, they were SUPER FLIRTY. Like, unnecessary arm touching and laughing. You know the kind.

“Bradley happily spent nearly two hours with Rachel, flirting and laughing over their meal,” a spy at the restaurant told Life & Style, “He seemed very into her.”

These two are starring together in an upcoming Cameron Crowe flick, so maybe they were just getting to know each other before filming?

But that wouldn’t explain all the touching! Trying to get to know each other in a biblical sense…maybe.

“Rachel put her hand on his back and he put his on her shoulder. They were laughing and talking, and Bradley would not take his eyes off of her! At one point Rachel put her hand on his hips and he was talking very close to her.”

However, the source says they were sitting at the counter, which isn’t very romantic, BUT they rode in together on Bradley’s motorcycle. HOT.

You know what…we were really rooting for Rachel to get back together with Ryan Gosling, but her and Bradley make a really cute couple and anything is better than that twenty-something Suki what’s-her-face he was dating recently. 

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