Can Neil Gaiman Save “American Gods” Season Two From a Loss of Momentum

Matthew Loffhagen
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Bryan Fuller, the showrunner for the first season of the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”, departed the project in a somewhat public split from the network, Starz, not too long ago.

The challenge for Starz has been finding someone else who can fill Fuller’s shoes – the producer is known for bringing a singular, unique vision to everything he does, and a large part of the success of “American Gods” boils down to Fuller’s involvement.

Thankfully for Starz, the other big part of “American Gods” is Neil Gaiman, the author of the book that the story is based on, who contributed a lot of original material to the show’s first season.

Now, Gaiman has been named as Bryan Fuller’s successor, as he takes over the reigns on the show’s second season.

Shadow Moon
Source: Starz

Before the announcement, it seemed that “American Gods” was doomed to suffer from a significant drop in quality.

While the specifics of Fuller’s departure haven’t been made public, it looks like Starz has plans to start churning the show out on an annual basis, which is a lot faster than a series of this complexity might require.

It looked like Starz might grab any old showrunner for season two, just to make sure that they could get more episodes as quickly as possible.

Appointing Neil Gaiman, though, suggests that there’s going to be an effort to make season two of “American Gods” as rich and deep as the first season.

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Source: Starz

Gaiman is an experienced storyteller, and has, he claims, been stockpiling content to help build up the mythos of the show going forward. As he now takes the reigns, it’s worth assuming that whatever comes next will be purely his own creation.

It looks like “American Gods” has a long, healthy future ahead of it – so long as Gaiman is willing to make time in his schedule to make the show work.

Neil Gaiman is a busy man, he can’t be expected to keep a finger in all of his various pies at all times!

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