Can the Director of ‘Deadpool’ Save the ‘Terminator’ Franchise?


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Deadpool director Tim Miller is now officially on board for a future movie that’s being tentatively referred to as Terminator 6.

James Cameron will be involved in some capacity as a producer, having fought hard for the chance to make this movie, even going so far as to procuring the rights to the Terminator franchise after Genisys didn’t exactly win the series any fans.

According to Cameron, the new Terminator film will be a franchise reboot. More details will be revealed exclusively at an upcoming 3D screening of Terminator 2: Judgement Day that’ll be taking place at Paramount Studios.

Don’t expect this movie any time soon – Cameron won’t have the rights to the franchise until 2019 at the earliest, so this is going to be a slow process as everything falls into place from a legal perspective.

Luckily, a big long delay fits perfectly with Tim Miller’s directorial experience. Getting Deadpool off the ground was a similarly slow experience, and all this extra time should give Miller the chance to fully plan out the movie in advance of its eventual green light.

Source: Fox

The big question, then, is whether or not Miller is up to the task. After all, there are only two good Terminator movies, and only one of them is truly revered as a gamechanging piece of popular culture. Every attempt at bringing the franchise to life after T2: Judgement Day has ended poorly; even the Sarah Connor Chronicles television series.

Cameron has picked Tim Miller for this movie for a good reason. True, Deadpool is a film that falls into a very different genre to Terminator (despite their shared interest in giant metal men), but from a technical standpoint, the movie manages to be visually distinct while staying subdued, looking gritty and worn even as colorful characters leap about in exciting costumes.

This is no real surprise – Miller comes from a visual effects background, so it makes sense that, first and foremost, he’s a director with an ability to make pretty visuals that serve a story. The fact that he managed to make such a visually striking movie on a shoestring budget is a further testament to his skills, and suggests that he has the chops to pull off something even bigger and better when trusted with more resources.

James Cameron is all about the visuals, as his continued investment in the Avatar franchise proves. His films are rarely challenging or innovative from a screenwriting perspective, as he instead focuses on making movies that instead tell their story through pictures.

Source: Paramount

This being the case, there’s no doubt that Cameron sees a kindred spirit in Miller; someone who can take his ideas for the future of the Terminator franchise and run with them. Sure, Miller doesn’t have a lot of experience at crafting stories, but that doesn’t matter. He’s proven that he can make some good stuff while collaborating with other creators, and that he can handle Cameron-style action setpieces, and that’s why he’s been hired for the job.

Will this work? Will Tim Miller, under the tutelage of James Cameron, manage to find the magic that made the Terminator franchise so appealing to begin with, undoing decades of lackluster attempts to recreate the original success of the first two movies?

It’s a long shot, without a doubt. Considering the creative duo at the heart of this movie, though, the Cameron/Miller Terminator 6 might just be the best chance of a decent movie set in this universe than we’ve had in a long while.