Can the Writer of “Beauty and the Beast” Save “Bright 2”?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

“Bright 2” has a new screenwriter. Evan Spiliotopoulos, who has penned “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” and “Beauty and the Beast”, will be responsible for trying to salvage a cinematic universe that nobody wants.

This leads to an important question.

Why on Earth is anyone actually trying to make “Bright 2”?

Yes, the first movie pulled in good viewing figures for Netflix, but it’s not as if anyone actually enjoyed it.

Sure, 85% of Rotten Tomatoes site users liked it, but with an average audience score of 4.2/10, it’s clear that this is nobody’s favorite movie.

(Disclaimer: if “Bright” is actually your favorite movie, I apologize – and also suggest that you watch a lot more movies because you’re clearly working from a limited sample.)

I feel like this is the kind of decision that was set in motion before “Bright” was actually released to the world. Netflix heads figured that they had Will Smith on the docket, so they might as well commission a second one of these films while they had the chance.

Then, “Bright” received a near universal panning, and Netflix heads figured they were already too committed to change direction.

What’s less surprising is that Max “‘Bright’ could be my ‘Star Wars’” Landis isn’t going to be writing the second movie in this series.

Landis’ script for the first “Bright” film, let’s face it, sucks.

He’s also embroiled in some nasty sexual harassment scandals at the moment. Netflix won’t want to let him out of the doghouse any time soon.

Better Than Nothing?

So can Evan Spiliotopoulos salvage this movie universe?

It’s possible. There’s enough potential within the first “Bright” film to make an interesting movie. It just got wasted amid some really pathetic worldbuilding and moviemaking.

That said, I’m hardly expecting great things of Spiliotopoulos.

Spiliotopoulos has writing credits on a “Tinkerbell” movie and the forgettable Dwayne Johnson “Hercules” movie. He’s proven capable of writing very generic fantasy action movies.

“Beauty and the Beast” is perhaps the best indication of what we can expect. Half recycled dialogue from the original cartoon. The other half is filler. I can’t say I’m overly impressed.

Will Smith Bright
Source: Netflix

So here we are in a situation where a mediocre movie writer is coming in to fix the mistakes of a similarly mediocre movie writer, in a franchise that nobody likes, for a sequel that nobody cares about.


I’m not going to get my hopes up for this. I’m just looking forward to the inevitable “Bright 2” postmortem by Lindsay Ellis.