Can We Please Keep Mike Myers Away From the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Movie?

Matthew Loffhagen
Paramount Pictures
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Mike Myers is reportedly in talks for a role in Bohemian Rhapsody, the upcoming Bryan Singer-directed biopic about Queen that will star Mr Robot’s Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury.

There’s no official word yet as to who Mike Myers will be playing in the movie, but he’s almost certainly going to end up in there somewhere, for better or worse.


Yeah, okay, it’s easy to see where this idea comes from. Myers has kind of been connected to the on-screen legacy of the original song Bohemian Rhapsody for decades, thanks to its inclusion in his wacky pop-culture fest Wayne’s World.

That said, as much as Myers might have, at one point, been seen as a good fit for such a project, this probably doesn’t work quite as well anymore.

We live in a post-Shrek world. Mike Myers is no longer the golden boy of character comedy, creating bizarre personas that both delight and entertain audiences.

Now, his humor feels very dated. The world has moved on, Myers has become synonymous with an ugly green ogre that’s become little more than a bad joke; a shorthand for dumb animated movies that don’t try too hard beyond doing the Dreamworks eyebrow face.

In practical terms, Mike Myers is very busy currently hosting ABC’s revival of The Gong Show, playing yet another weird character – this time, a fictional British actor that approximately nobody finds entertaining.

Mike Myers in The Gong Show
Source: ABC

The Queen biopic has been in the works for literally decades. While getting X-Men director Bryan Singer to helm the project feels weird, the Emmy-winner Rami Malek gives this project a feeling of real respectability. If done right, this could be a fantastic, poignant, heartbreakingly serious movie that pays tribute to a performer that people really care about.

If this movie gets very lucky, there could be some Oscars in its future.

This is why throwing Mike Myers into the mix feels like such a terrible idea. Bohemian Rhapsody doesn’t need wacky comedy, and there’s no indication in Myers’ history that he’s going to be able to pull off a serious dramatic role without being anything more than an annoyance.

Heck, even if he turns in a fantastic performance, his presence on screen is going to be hugely distracting as audiences await an inevitable dumb joke that never comes.

There are plenty of other actors working in Hollywood who have a great love of the music of Queen. Maybe it’s better to ditch Mike Myers, and find someone who won’t be quite such a liability to the movie’s tone and inspirational yet tragic subject matter.

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