Can We Really Trust “Cloverfield 2” To Be Worth Watching?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Paramount)

Apparently, Paramount is finally putting together “Cloverfield 2”.

No more spin-offs that have been awkwardly adapted from standalone scripts. We’re getting a full, proper sequel to the original “Cloverfield”.

Why on Earth has it taken this long for the studio to get to work on this? Surely the logical decision would have been to make a sequel straight after the first movie?

Instead, we’ve received a series of unconnected movies of varying quality. Not exactly something that anyone was asking for.

The “Cloverfield” movie universe feels to me like something that grew by accident, in an effort to keep pace with Marvel.

In this case, JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot isn’t alone in trying this trick. Pretty much every studio has tried to throw together a cinematic universe for the sake of building up brand appeal.

The difference is that the “Cloverfield” name has been strapped on to movies in such a haphazard way that it has, if anything, damaged the legacy of the original movie.

10 Cloverfield Lane Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Source: Paramount

“10 Cloverfield Lane” proved to be decent, but it’s not really a “Cloverfield” movie. “The Cloverfield Paradox” is garbage.

Now, audiences are so accustomed to inappropriate “Cloverfield” movies that we’ve started jumping at shadows, assuming that every new horror film might in some way connect to this universe.

There was a rumor going around that “A Quiet Place” might have been a “Cloverfield” film in disguise. It was not, but that’s probably for the best.

Now there’s another fake “Cloverfield” movie on the table. JJ Abrams has publicly stated that his upcoming WWII sci-fi horror movie “Overlord”, which everyone thought was a “Cloverfield” film, actually doesn’t connect to this universe.

Whether anyone trusts him (or even should trust him) remains to be seen. Abrams has a habit of messing with people for no reason.

An Opportunity Squandered

I feel like if some care and attention to the consistency of this universe had been established at the start, a “Cloverfield” universe might have been something for audiences to get really excited at.

Instead, we get the standard JJ Abrams evolution of a project, from its initial stages of promise, though to the point where everyone’s a bit sick of it.

So, yeah, “Cloverfield 2” is on the way. For real this time.

I can’t say I’m hugely pumped for this just yet. I’ll need to actually see some footage before I trust this movie. I need proof that this is something more than an attempt to slap a popular name onto an unrelated movie so that Bad Robot can scam $50 million out of Netflix.