In Case You Forgot, Rihanna’s Still Killing It on Instagram

Matt Dekneef

It seems like just yesterday, every time Rihanna uploaded an Instagram photo, it became headline news.

That ship has sailed because in January alone she shared 125 photos and barely any news site has taken the time to write click bait-y titles around them.

It begs the question: if a Rihanna posts an Instagram photo and there’s no one around to freak out about it, does it even make a sound? We’ve raked through her feed and here’s what you missed…


Rihanna is alive.



Very much alive.


And still the baddest bitch on Instagram.



She rang in the new year like a boss.

And SLAYED it in this pantsuit.

There were LEVELS to this pantsuit.


She took time out of her busy schedule to straddle something.



Surfboardt, surfboardt.



She went for a jog.



She did the Amanda Bynes wink.



She smoked cigars with Shakira…

For a music video. “Can’t Remember to Forget You” is obviously a love ballad to @badgalriri.



She got high.



She revealed her man crushes to be Vince Vaughn (circa the ‘90s), Tom Hardy, and Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks.



She couldn’t be bothered to take this selfie.


Or this selfie.


Definitely not this selfie at the Grammys.

She was non-existent.


Honestly, it was a slow/clothed month for Rihanna’s IG…

Here’s to the rest of February!

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