Casting Call for ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Suggests This Classic Character Is Getting Recast

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)

Is Twentieth Century Fox about to recast Rogue?

It’s a definite possibility.

A movie that’s being produced under the fake filming name of Teen Spirit is looking for a young female actor to play the role of “Marie”.

In the X-Men movie universe, Marie is the real name of Rogue, as revealed in the very first film. As such, fans suspect that the movie will be recasting the iconic character.

Teen Spirit is the secret codename for Dark Phoenix, which will be the next major main series X-Men movie, and which was previously titled Supernova.

Alexa Swinton has auditioned for the role. You can be excused for not knowing her by name – she plays Eva Rhoades in the TV show Billions, but hasn’t had a lot of mainstream publicity, possibly because she’s very, very young.

Source: Showtime

This being the case, it can be assumed that if Rogue will be appearing in Dark Phoenix, she’ll do so as a very young girl – younger even than X-23 is in Logan. This makes sense, as the movie is set in the nineties, about a decade before Rogue appears in the original X-Men.

This is all purely speculation at present, but if this is the case, it’s unlikely that Rogue will play a large role in the movie, as her mutant powers won’t manifest for quite some time.

It does suggest, though, that Fox still hasn’t learned its lessons about jamming in unnecessary characters for the sake of fan service that ultimately hurts a movie.

We don’t need to see teeny tiny baby Rogue. Shoving her into the story won’t help Dark Phoenix overcome the flaws of previous films – if anything, it’ll see the movie falling into one of the biggest traps that Apocalypse suffered from, with too many characters rushing around, vying for screentime.

But then, as we noted last week, Fox doesn’t really care about sticking to a continuity any more, and the studio isn’t pinning all of their hopes on a single movie series. Instead, with New Mutants and Deadpool both growing into miniature franchises, Fox is going to throw everything they can at the wall to see what sticks, and build from there.

In which case, get ready for a five minute Rogue cameo in Dark Phoenix that breaks the pace of the story and sends everything off on a tangent just when Jean Grey’s psychic powers might be about to make things actually interesting.

Oh well, at least Legion is good.

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