Celebrities Make a Music Video for Sandwich Spread?

Madison Vanderberg

Hollywood and good causes have gone hand in hand for years. Whether it’s starving children or sad puppies, celebrities and musicians love to gather together to raise awareness for anything.

Hollywood’s next issue is Miracle Whip. The famous sandwich spread, Miracle Whip, has rounded up some of the music industry’s biggest stars to bring awareness to their “Keep an Open Mouth” campaign.

What is the “Keep an Open Mouth” campaign? It’s a valiant solution to a terrifying epidemic sweeping our nation – Miracle Whip is often the victim of prejudice. Everyday, people are uncertain about how Miracle Whip will taste and judge it based on its “fake mayo” reputation.

Hollywood saw a problem and immediately lent their famous faces and golden voices to the cause.

This is just like the Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie helmed “We Are The World” music video from ’85. Maybe the “Keep an Open Mouth” anthem will leave you sobbing into a kitten just like those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials do. Or maybe, it will urge you to drive out to the poling place in those “Vote 4 Stuff” commercials or the “Don’t Vote” reverse psychology campaigns.

If these famous musicians took the plunge and “kept an open mouth,” then so can you. Set aside your preconceived notions and give Miracle Whip a try.