Celebrities Talking on Sidekicks

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Getty Images)

LOL remember Sidekicks?

Tony Hawk, at the height of his relevance, with his Sidekick:

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic


Lance Bass and wait for it…Beverley Mitchell doing things on Sidekicks attached to a wall:

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic


Vintage LiLo talking on her RHINESTONE STUDDED SIDEKICK:

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Paris Hilton literally taking a selfie on her Sidekick before selfies were even a thing:

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Nearly unrecognizable Nicole Richie all like, HAYYY I HAVE A SIDEKICK!

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Vanessa Minnillo long before she was Vanessa Lachey:

Djamilla Rosa Cochran/WireImage


Kristen Bell being VERY CONFUSED by the new technology of the T-Mobile Sidekick:

Chris Polk/FilmMagic



It’s Kristin Cavallari, probably STILL reeling in the “Laguna Beach” glow:

Michael Buckner/Getty Images



Ludacris talking on a flip phone and texting on a Sidekick:

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Because remember having two phones? One for texting and one for talking?


Rachel Bilson and she’s probably like 12 years old here, or 25, whatever:

Michael Buckner/Getty Images


Lauren Conrad and wait for it…Jason Wahler back when they were a real couple or a fake couple or whatever:

Michael Buckner/Getty Images


Oh goodness, Aaron Carter with a Sidekick:

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

In desperate need of some water and a vitamin supplement…


Wow, Shane West being a person that existed:

Michael Buckner/Getty Images


Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria completely STUNNED by the latest Sidekick software updates:

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Send that to my @tmail.com account plz!


JC Chasez caught sending a text!

Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Swivel swivel!