Celebs Dressed as Sexy Santas

Madison Vanderberg

Nothing says “sexy” like women dressed as a fat older gentleman who annually breaks into your home to steal cookies and leave gifts.

Yep, that’s everyone’s fantasy. 

Leave it to a Victoria’s Secret model to find Santa-inspired lingerie.

Mean Girls completely changed the game for girls dressed like sexy Santas.

Jessica Simpson as Santa if he was a NASCAR driver.

Destiny’s Child during their coordinated outfits phase.

Alessandra Ambrosio getting the color palette wrong.

Jenny McCarthy NOT getting the sexy memo, apparently.

What if every year, Snoop Dogg was creeping into your home and leaving gifts on Christmas Eve!?!?!?

The Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey.

Miley Cyrus as a sort-of sexy Santa’s helper kind of thing…

Heidi Klum in an elevator, dressed as Santa. There’s really nothing else to say about this.

John Mayer giving us Santa-eyes.

Naya Rivera after one too many spiked hot chocolates, apparently.

Vanessa Hudgens as a sexy Santa and Ashley Tisdale as just a girl in a penguin sweater.

Katy Perry wants you to join her sexy Santa army.

Lucy Hale putting very little effort into her Santa costume.




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