Channing Tatum Is Freaked Out About Fatherhood

Madison Vanderberg

Here’s something hormonal pregnant women NEVER want to hear. Channing Tatum is gladly telling interviewers that he’s terrified of being a father.

During an interview for his new movie Side Effects, Channing took the opportunity to talk about his expectant wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Thanks Chan, you always know what we want to hear.

When asked what scares him the most about fatherhood, Chan says: “I think everything and above.”

Gotta love his honesty.

“I mean, I don’t think there’s one thing that doesn’t terrify you, but in the most unbelievably beautiful way,” the actor told E! News.

Channing Tatum truly is a (former) stripper with a heart of gold.

He continues: “Someone said it’s really like watching your heart jump out of your body and run away, and I think that can possibly be the coolest thing that I’ve heard of.”

See, here’s the thing. I think Channing thinks his actual heart is going to start running around. He’s a stripper-turned-actor, you guys, not much going on upstairs. Still love him. PS: Channing, what happened to the sleeveless shirts and why are you not wearing them lately? 

Oh, he also said his wife is crazy now that she’s a pregnant hormonal lady.

“Women just sort of turn into like animals in this sort of stage that they’re in,” he revealed.

Like Ke$ha animal?

“She’s a complete animal right now! You can ask her, but in the most beautiful like humanistic animal-y way. She works out all the time, eats right, impeccably right. She’s just a machine.”

You know, Channing Tatum is the only guy who can call his wife an “animal” and it’s still sexy. You picked a good one, Jenna.

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