Charlie Sheen Comes Clean About Surprise Marriage

Madison Vanderberg

False alarm. Charlie Sheen did NOT have a quickie marriage with his ex-p*rn star girlfriend Brett Rossi over the weekend.

He’s just a total a*shole who wanted to play an awful prank on ex-wife Denise Richards and pretend he got married because he “wanted to give Denise a stroke!”

That’s apparently what he told TMZ.

So that’s what happened. We don’t follow the Sheen/Richards drama that closely, because who cares, but apparently they are in a bitter custody battle and Charlie reportedly called her a “heartless ugly hag” when Denise supposedly refused to let the kids go to Charlie’s house for Christmas.

Anyway, the point is Charlie isn’t married. He only pretended to be because he hates Denise Richards. 

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