Chris Brown & Ariana Grande Duet Together, Why Is This Happening?!

Madison Vanderberg

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande are about to release a duet, “Don’t Be Gone Too Long.”


That’s the world reacting to the news.

Is Chris Brown going to corrupt our precious Ariana Grande?



It all started with this photo:


Everyone’s collective reaction was “ulch” and “ugggh.”

Then they started the social media “countdown” to the big reveal of the song.






Uggh, but then everything was ruined because Chris Brown had to go to jail!

Ariana was GOING THRU IT.





Don’t you hate it when a pop star is arrested on a warrant and the release date of his new single gets pushed back? UGGHHHHH

Not surprisingly, neither Ariana nor Chris has commented on the ironic gold that is Chris’ unexpected jail stint holding up a release of a song called “Don’t Be Gone Too Long.”

Getty Images

Don’t be gone for too long, Chris. Or be gone for long, nobody cares. Except for Ariana Grande.

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