Chris Brown Refuses to Give Up Drugs in Rehab

Matt Dekneef

The odyssey that is Chris Brown’s struggle with rehab continues.

Just as the singer was about to begin his court-ordered 90-day sentence in another treatment facility, he’s already being uncooperative. Namely, he’s refusing to turn over his supply of marijuana while inside.

TMZ reports that Chris requested a motion to allow him to bring his cannabis with him, saying it was prescribed by his doctor to help him cope with depression.

However, it was rejected by the staff, a decision that isn’t sitting well with the 24-year-old.

Chris feels the weed calms him down and helps him get a better grip on his anger issues. Of course, the rehab facility’s staff wants Chris to get a handle on his problems without a dependency on any kind of drug. Chris is resistant to the idea, which is to be expected.

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