Chris Evans is Smart to Quit as Captain America, but is His Decision Permanent?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

A dark day has come. Captain America is no more. Chris Evans is officially done with the MCU.

Speaking to the New York Times, Evans made comments about how, basically, he’s pretty burnt out with movies at the moment.

Said Evans:

“When I think about the times that I’m happiest, it’s not on a movie set. I’ve stopped thinking about my trajectory, or my oeuvre, or whatever pretentious word you want to use. I’m just following whatever I feel creatively hungry for.”

Apparently, Evans isn’t particularly hungry for more Marvel movies, which makes sense, as the ridiculous “Infinity War”/”Avengers 4” filming schedule last year is probably a big part of the reason why he’s feeling so burned out about movies in general.

In all fairness, as much as it may pain fans of Captain America to see Evans go, it makes sense. The actor will have appeared in a starring role in seven MCU movies by the time “Avengers 4” is done, as well as a fantastic cameo in “Thor: The Dark World” that is probably the highlight of the whole movie.

Captain America Chris Evans Looking Tired
Source: Marvel

This is a lot of stories over a short space of time, and it’s probably a good moment for the MCU to move on and focus on different, new characters.

The possibility of getting some variety in the heroes on display is also appealing, as the franchise steps away from muscular white men to see what other kinds of characters can enjoy the spotlight.

So, this move is good for Evans, it’s good for Marvel as a whole, and it’s good for fans. But is Evans’ move away from Marvel permanent?

Possibly not – in a few years, once Evans has mellowed towards the Mighty Marvel Movie Machine, he could well be persuaded to reprise his role. After all, Robert Downey Jr was supposedly done with Marvel after “Age of Ultron”, and he’s since appeared in two more movies, and will be in at least another two once “Avengers 4” is done.

Evans is no doubt aware that Marvel needs him more than he needs Marvel. If he plays things cool, takes some time to recharge creatively, and works on a few passion projects to help get his mojo back, then eventually, he could return, in exchange for a far larger sum of money than any of his previous Marvel paychecks.

Chris Evans Captain America
Source: Marvel

After all, nobody at the top of the MCU is in this for the artistic storytelling. Like it or hate it, this is the moneymaking franchise that gets actors their paychecks so they can work on less high profile pieces that they’re more interested in.

There’s nothing wrong with this; it’s simply a fact of the business. Evans will probably return as Cap eventually, if only for the millions and millions of dollars that his presence in a future film will earn him.

Or, maybe Marvel is serious about shaking up the status quo. Perhaps Cap is about to meet a grizzly end, as the character is permanently retired from the cinematic universe, either through death, or a comic book-accurate plot point in which the super soldier serum within his blood stops working.

Either way, never say never. If there’s one thing that comic books have proven, it’s that superheroes don’t stay dead for long.