Ciara Hiding Secret Pregnancy?

Matt Dekneef

The rumor mill is buzzing with reports that Ciara is pregnant with her first child.

Over the weekend, photos surfaced all over Instagram of what looks like the singer throwing a “Body Party” for two after she took the stage in Abu Dhabi for a music festival.

It was her attire that sparked the rumors—a leather mini skirt and a fitted graphic sweater that sported a visible bump. For the usually svelte performer, many took it as a clue that she’ll be making a pregnancy announcement soon. Also usually praised for her fast-paced choreography, Ciara appeared to be taking it easier during her performance, another possible clue.

Last week, Ciara hosted a party for Moet Rosé where eyewitnesses observed that she wasn’t drinking any of the champagne.

One insider tipped off NecoleB*tchie: “Last night we gave a toast for her birthday and she passed the drink. It made me wonder cause she does drink champagne.”

Then again, who really knows if these unsolicited reports about Ciara’s uterus are true or not. This is typical of the engagement news media cycle. First comes photos of the ring, then rumors surrounding the first time said celeb wears an oversized sweater post-engagement.

Ciara became engaged to rapper/producer Future on her 28th birthday last month.

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