The Newest Theme Park in “Westworld” is Pure Awesome

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: HBO)

This is what I’ve been waiting for! The theme park universe of “Westworld” is getting bigger, and I’m very excited to see what’s next.

Oh, spoiler warning, by the way. From this point on I’ll be picking apart plot points from both seasons of “Westworld”

Since the first season of the show, we’ve been teased by the existence of what’s now called Shogun World, a theme park that’s modeled after Feudal Japan.

I’ve been excited to see how this plays out, because I really want to see cowboys and samurai teaming up together to fight back their mutual oppressors.

The most exciting part of all this is the idea that many other, thus-far unexplored and unmentioned theme parks also exist somewhere out in the expanse We could potentially see a bunch of different hosts from all corners of the globe and all periods of history mingling around together.

This season, we’ve been promised Shogun world, but before we got there, the latest episode of “Westworld” has instead given us another new theme park instead.

Welcome, instead, to a world based around British India.

India Westworld
Source: HBO

The Oncoming Revolution

Let me just say, anyone whose fantasy is to use robots to place themselves in the midst of this particular part of the world during this era? They’re a bit messed up.

All the guests in these theme parks have some concerning ideas about history, but nostalgic fondness for colonialism and oppression is particularly troublesome. The scenes set in this era are kind of hard to watch considering the subtext, and it’s a bit of a relief when a tiger starts messing things up.

I see some definite themes connecting the various worlds within this giant playground. The three worlds we’ve seen thus far are all historical eras, recreated in their most glamorous form, with an easy place for park guests to slot in as upper-class elites with all the coolest toys and plenty of servile helpers.

Westworld Samurai Sillouette
Source: HBO

The central theme of “Westworld” is growing more potent, and I kind of love it. Featuring, as the show is doing, and increasingly multi-ethnic cast and the cultural trappings of many different parts of the world? Awesome.

Using these characters and settings to play out a social revolution as the nasty rich people are overthrown?

Let’s just say it’s not too hard to figure out what this show is trying to say, and I’m very excited to how this will play out next.