The “Walking Dead” Naked Zombie Proves This Show Has Lost All Integrity

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: AMC)

“The Walking Dead” is going to feature a fully naked zombie, for some reason.

Yeah, that seems weird, huh?

What’s weirder is how big of a deal AMC is making about this, publicizing it far and wide that the show is going to feature a walker in the buff.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Greg Nicotero seems oddly excited about this big event for the show:

“There’s an episode where we did our first fully nude walker. We’ve never done that before.”

It’s pretty obvious why everyone involved wants to make this a big deal: the possibility of seeing a naked walker is supposed to appeal to audiences, grab their attention, and bring them back to the show.

Walking Dead Walkers
Source: AMC

Leaving aside the fact that “Shawn of the Dead” already featured a (tastefully) nude zombie years ago, it’s hard to understand why AMC is so keen on providing this particular piece of fanservice.

Is undead nudity something that audiences have been crying out for? Is there a vocal subsection of the “Walking Dead” fanbase that’s particularly invested in necrophilia?

This feels like the last-ditched attempts of a creative team that have long since hit rock bottom. We all know that nudity sells, but showing off a naked zombie seems almost insulting in its cynical appraisal of fans of the show.

If horror fans are looking for racy undead content, there are a lot of placed they’re going to turn before watching “The Walking Dead”. This kind of lowbrow stunt cheapens the show’s entire brand, and reflects poorly on AMC as a whole.

Walking Dead Gross Zombie
Source: AMC

It’s also hard to know where the show will go now that the creators are clearly clutching at every available straw in a desperate attempt to shock viewers into watching the show. This stunt is almost the opposite of the botched Carl controversy, as it’s entirely designed as clickbait to try and get eyeballs at the screen in the vague hope of seeing slightly more zombie skin than is normally on display.

What’s even the point of watching “The Walking Dead” if this show is going to devolve into this kind of nonsense? This trainwreck seems to keep getting worse, and with several seasons more of the show already ordered, we’re not going to see the end of these desperate stunts any time soon.

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