Da Fug? Russian Leo DiCaprio Lookalike Lands Reality Show


(Photo: obsev / IG: roman_sdicaprio)

Apparently, if you sort of resemble a celebrity in any way, shape, or form, you can probably milk that “claim to fame” for various things: Instagram followers, photo ops, and now, getting your own reality television show.

Some Russian dude named Roman Burtsev, who vaguely resembles Leonardo DiCaprio (if he was stung by bees and was ten years older), just landed his very own reality show called Romance with DiCaprio.

The television show follows the Russian lookalike as he “endures a series of televised psychological challenges, including begging for money on the streets to refine his purported wealth-gathering skills.”

If you scour the soon-to-be reality star’s Instagram, you can see that he’s really trying to embody all that Leonardo DiCaprio is.

There’s this video of him singing Celine Dion’s famous Titanic anthem, “My Heart Will Go On.” And there’s also this picture of him recreating that iconic scene in Titanic.


Then there’s his spot-on (eye roll) reenactment of Leo in the Oscar-nominated film The Revenant. Actually, the end of the second video is pretty damn funny.


I’m still really unclear WTF this show is actually supposed to be about. If they wanted to do a reality TV show that has to do with romance and a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike, then they should’ve had the Swedish Leo doppelganger, Konrad Annerud, star in it because, well, he ACTUALLY looks exactly like a young Leo.