Dan Fogler Could Make “The Walking Dead” Season 9 Worth Watching

Matthew Loffhagen
Warner Bros
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Dan Fogler is joining “The Walking Dead” next season, and I’m uncharacteristically excited.

It seems that AMC is pulling out all the stops with the next season of the show. While they’re losing their lead character part-way through the story, they’re going to be filling the void with some very cool stuff.

Jon Berthnal is returning for a weird cameo in an attempt to appeal to the nostalgia crowd, although this doesn’t excite me all that much.

The inclusion of Fogler, on the other hand, feels like reason to celebrate.

“I Wish I Was a Wizard!”

While Fogler’s been around for a while, starring in plenty of dumb comedies, his breakout role is definitely Jacob Kowalski in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. In the movie, he wins audiences’ hearts by being absolutely adorable. His excitement about everything weird and wonderful in the magical world is wonderfully contagious.

Dan Fogler Fantastic Beasts
Source: Warner Bros

Basically, he plays the audience stand-in character, and he does a very fine job!

Considering Fogler’s wide range of roles thus far, I’m interested to see what role he’ll be taking on in “The Walking Dead”.

We don’t have any concrete information on Fogler’s casting. Any attempt to guess at his role would be baseless speculation.

Luckily, baseless speculation is what I do best!

I assume he’ll play a somewhat grumpier, grittier version of his character from “Fantastic Beasts”. A put-upon everyman who’s been forced to endure a hellish nightmare and who does so with grim determination and dry wit alone.

The Walking Dead
Source: AMC

Basically, this is my jam. I love Fogler and his various performances, so I can see him bringing something fresh and new to “The Walking Dead”.

Considering just how stale things have got with the show over the past few seasons, this could be just what “The Walking Dead” needs to make things interesting again.