Daniel Radcliffe Just Made an Excellent Point About the Johnny Depp “Fantastic Beasts” Controversy

Matthew Loffhagen
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The issue of Johnny Depp’s casting in the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise isn’t going away any time soon.

Depp’s history of domestic abuse has proven unpopular with many fans of JK Rowling’s Wizarding World, to the point where many question why he is being given a free pass where so many other actors accused of misdeeds have been jettisoned from Hollywood.

David Yates, the director of the upcoming “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” stands by the casting of Johnny Depp, as does JK Rowling, and many fans aren’t thrilled about the lengths that the movie’s creative team is going to in order to justify letting Depp off the hook for his actions.

Harry Potter
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Apparently, even Harry Potter himself is incredulous on this point. Daniel Radcliffe, who played the boy wizard, wonders if perhaps there’s a double standard at play here.

Said Radcliffe:

“I can see why people are frustrated with the response that they were given from that … I’m not saying anything that anybody hasn’t already said — and this is a weird analogy to draw — [but] in the NFL, there are lots of players arrested for smoking weed and there is other people’s behavior that goes way beyond that and it’s tolerated because they’re very famous players. I suppose the thing I was struck by was, we did have a guy who was reprimanded for weed on the [original Potter] film, essentially, so obviously what Johnny has been accused of is much greater than that.”

Weird analogy or not, Radcliffe’s comments feel incredibly apt.

It’s bizarre that getting caught smoking weed is enough to get an actor booted off the “Harry Potter” franchise, but that domestic abuse is permissible if the actor promises not to do it again (which would be difficult when their ex-wife understandably stays as far away from them as possible).

It’s almost as if Johnny Depp is allowed to get away with things that other actors can’t, simply because he’s really famous.

Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts
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Warner Bros has very deliberately pushed forward with a movie that stars Depp as the titular character, in a thirst for the added revenue that Depp will apparently bring in, and they’re willing to overlook all of his misdeeds in order to make a quick buck.

This feels particularly odd considering that the last few big budget Johnny Depp movies have proven that the star isn’t exactly as bankable as he once was.

There’s still a long wait until “The Crimes of Grindelwald” hits theaters, but that’s no big deal – there’s plenty of discussion to be had around the real life crimes of the actor behind Grindelwald to keep us busy while we’re waiting.

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