David F. Sandberg’s “Shazam!” April Fool’s Day Teaser Shows The Movie Is In Good Hands

Matthew Loffhagen
DC Comics
(Photo: DC Comics)

David F Sandberg doesn’t feel like a particularly logical fit for the kind of movie he’s making with “Shazam!”.

The director is solely known for horror movies at this point, having directed “Annabelle: Creations” and “Lights Out”. Considering his portfolio up to this point, one could be forgiven for assuming that he was hired before DC started shifting away from dark, gritty, joyless superhero movies.

Nevertheless, everything that Sandberg has teased about “Shazam!” is bright, colorful, and littered with dumb jokes. His movie set really does seem to be a children’s fantasy come to life, and he’s eager to poke fun at his own work.

From this climate comes a first teaser for “Shazam!”, of sorts. April Fool’s Day is always a time when online audiences should keep their guard up, and Sandberg’s teaser ends up being exactly that: a tease.

There’s no fun in spoiling the joke here, but when you get the change, you really should watch the video.

With Sandberg so eager to joke around with his upcoming movie, it’s clear that he’s bringing a completely different energy to this new movie than anything he’s done before.

This is good news, as it’s very clear by this point that the majority of audiences are utterly exhausted with the traditional DC method of making dry, humorless action movies filled with grumpy, disillusioned superheroes that are a chore to watch.

At the same time, we all know that humor alone is not enough to make a DC movie good. Anyone who was forced to endure “Green Lantern” will be well aware of how badly this formula can go wrong.

In spite of the danger inherent in allowing a horror director to make a comedy superhero movie, it’s hard not to feel like Sandberg deserves the benefit of the doubt with this movie.

There’s no guarantee that “Shazam!” will end up being any better than “Green Lantern” or even “Justice League”, but considering how optimistic, enthusiastic, and passionate Sandberg is about his upcoming film, it’s worth holding out hope that this movie is in good hands.