Dear Old “Incredibles” Fans: The New Movie is Not For You

Matthew Loffhagen
Disney Pixar
(Photo: Disney Pixar)

I’ve seen a worrying trend about the way that Pixar fans are engaging with “The Incredibles 2”.

The same argument has popped up in various different forms over the past couple of weeks, and indeed, years.

This movie is not for kids. If anyone under the age of 15 is in the theater to see “The Incredibles 2”, they must be completely silent or face the wrath of older fans.

Here’s a random sampling of how Twitter has been dealing with this issue:

These are far from the only tweets that express this sentiment.

Fans of “The Incredibles” are really taking this personally. The prospect of children daring to go see an animated movie is somehow abhorrent and worthy of threats.

Let’s make something clear: just because you are old enough to remember seeing the original “Incredibles” in the movie theater, it doesn’t mean this movie is your divine birthright.

In fact, if you can remember the first movie from when it was new, then chances are, you’re not actually the target audience for the movie in the first place.

Pop Culture is Weird

Fans will often gatekeep the fun by arguing that certain groups are not allowed to join in the fun. This is the same logic that attacks “fake geek girls”, and it’s pretty disgusting to behold.

I get that people want to go to the movie theater and have a good time without anyone talking through the movie. But if this is something that bothers you, then you should wait until there’s a less busy screening.

Mr Incredible Angry
Source: Disney Pixar

This awful “kids these days” mentality is ageist and dumb. It’s the same kind of logic that leads Baby Boomers to bemoan Millennials.

Movie fans will often complain that new films ruin their childhood. New “Star Wars” adventures somehow retroactively taint the old ones. Another attempt at “Ghostbusters” apparently tarnishes your childhood memories.

Do you know what really ruins a childhood? A grown adult bullying a kid, in a movie theater, while a kid’s film is playing.

This issue isn’t even about kids, or noise in the cinema.

Movie fans of a certain generation are being forced to come to terms with the fact that they’re no longer children.

If you have been a fan of the original “Incredibles” since its release, then you need to accept that you are now an adult, and that movies aimed at kids are not your domain to control.

Tired Mr Incredible
Source: Disney Pixar

Be gracious. Cede the floor, and let kids be kids.

They need to enjoy media too. What’s more, they need to know that there are same spaces within fandoms where they’re allowed to participate.

You’re not entitled to seeing “The Incredibles 2”. You’re just being a bully, and that suggests you’ve missed the whole point of both films in this franchise.