Demi Lovato: I Started Cutting When I Was 11

Matt Dekneef

Demi Lovato is getting more honest than she’s ever been in her latest interview with “Access Hollywood.”

In the first half of the sit-down, Demi revealed that her drug habit was so bad it drove her to smuggle cocaine through airport security, a reckless move for any person, let alone an entertainer signed with the Disney Channel at the time.

In the second half released today, Demi talked openly about how her low self-image led her to cutting.

“For some reason it’s more taboo to talk about than drugs and alcohol,” she said, taking a moment to illuminate the public on why. “Just because you’re cutting doesn’t mean you’re suicidal and that’s something that’s really, really prominent in young girls today.”

At the tender age of just 11 or 12, Demi began cutting. “Sometimes when you are feeling so numb, just by being depressed…you just want to feel on the outside.”

Ultimately Demi did find her happy ending. She got clean and sober after an intervention from her family and management team and has since become an inspiration and role model for girls afflicted with the same conditions.

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