Demi Lovato Lives At A Sober Living House

Madison Vanderberg
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Demi Lovato checked out of rehab in 2010 where she was treated for anorexia, bulimia and cutting but apparently for the entire duration of “The X Factor” Demi was going home at night to a sober living facility in LA.

First of all, props to Demi for being so responsible, it’s nice to see a member of young Hollywood not acting cray and taking responsibilty for her actions. 

Demi has a really nice home/mansion in LA but she chooses to live at the sober living pad because she was sure she “wouldn’t lose her way” if she lived at the facility.

Demi is terrified of falling back to her old ways and is doing this as a precaution and as a way to live a healthier life. She wants to be around people who understand her situation.

True. After leaving the set of “The X Factor” where she sat next to cray cray Britney Spears, she probably needed to surround herself with sober normal people.

Demi has allegedly been living in the house on and off since January 2011.

Demi has previously stated, “You need to be careful of who you hang out with, people you listen to. They can lead you down the wrong path, they can give you the wrong kind of direction. Try to stay away from the temptation.”

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