Demi Lovato Responds to Joe Jonas Drug Claims

Madison Vanderberg

Yesterday, Joe Jonas came forward with an EXPLOSIVE new interview about how Disney made him lie through his teeth about banging fans, smoking weed with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, and generally not giving two sh*ts about his purity ring.

Joe essentially put Demi on blast in the interview, saying they only dated for a month, that she was deep into drugs, and that she forced him (with Miley) to smoke marijuana for the first time.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Demi went OFF on Joe for throwing her under the bus like that.

Well, Demi tweeted a response yesterday.

Clearly, Demi took the high road. Good for her.

Too bad her little sister Dallas Lovato wasn’t having ANY of it.

Dallas subtweeted Joe on behalf of her sister:

So far, Miley has NOT responded to Joe’s claims. 

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