Did Liam Hemsworth Move to NY Post-Split?

Madison Vanderberg

In case you haven’t heard…Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have broken up.

In the barely two weeks that he’s been single, Liam has already hooked up with Mexican hottie Eiza González and was spotted flirting with two girls in NY last night. Also, in kind of related news, we’ve heard that Liam is opening a restaurant in NY as well.

So, has Liam ditched his relationship AND the west coast for permanent residence in NY?

Liam’s not in town for filming or promoting or anything, but was spotted at sports bar Ainsworth Park in NYC and apparently racked up a $3,800 bar tab.

He’s also wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap on the regular, which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s moved there permanently, but it does mean something.

People is suggesting that Liam has “relocated to N.Y.C.” and other reports say that Liam and some friends are investing in a restaurant in the East Village which is currently under construction.

Paparazzi say Liam has been flying to and from Atlanta to film the Hunger Games saga, but resides in NY between shoots. 

So yeah, it seems like Liam has flown the coop, and by “flown” we mean, “ran away screaming from” and by “coop” we mean “Miley Cyrus.”

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