Disney is Killing The Marvel Netflix Shows To Try and Take Your Money, and You Shouldn’t Let Them

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Looking at the history of entertainment over the past few years, it seems in retrospect that it was a mistake to allow Disney to amass so much power.

First, Disney bought Pixar.

Then, the company bought Marvel.

Then, they bought Lucasfilm.

Now, Disney earns literally one quarter of all box office revenue for all movies made worldwide – and they know it.

So sure is this company of their strangehold on the entertainments industry, that they’ve begun attempting to muscle in on other people’s territory to an unprecedented degree.

Disney has demanded that movie theaters pay them a larger chunk of all revenue earned from The Last Jedi, just because they can.

The company has made a recent public attempt to buy out 20th Century Fox purely to try and create a more powerful rival to Netflix.

Those plans fell through, but Disney has another plan: take all their content off Netflix, put it on their own streaming service, and charge customers a high rate to be able to access it.

Netflix The Defenders
Source: Netflix

This now not only includes all Disney movies and television shows, but even stuff made by subsidiary companies, like the Marvel Netflix stuff. That’s right – Disney is pulling all their Marvel shows off Netflix and locking them behind another paywall, not because the Netflix deal isn’t profitable, but because Disney wants an even larger piece of the pie.

The company wants you to have to pay for yet another streaming service, because they want to crush Netflix, and the best way to do that is to cut off their supply of comic book TV shows.

It’s a business move that directly hurts Disney customers, but the company doesn’t care. They’ve already got you trapped, and they’re going to milk you dry if they can. Showing respect to your customers isn’t something that Disney has ever really cared about.

So what can you do? What possible way can you keep from buying into Disney’s little game?

The good news is, that Marvel has, to a certain extent, made things easier for you.

If Disney had pulled this trick back when we’d only had Daredevil season one and Jessica Jones, it might have been harder to resist the allure of getting a monthly subscription just for a few shows.

Now, though, Marvel has made the okay-ish Luke Cage, followed by the downright terrible Iron Fist, and the incredibly divisive The Defenders.

Iron Fist
Source: Marvel

The quality of the shows seem to have dropped somewhat, and now, the idea of having a dedicated streaming service just for the Marvel Netflix streaming universe seems like a waste of time.

Do you want to pay extra to see Danny Rand annoy everyone? Not really.

So maybe it’s worth fighting back against Disney by voting with your wallet, by keeping it tightly shut.

Netflix has Stranger Things. It has Wynona Ryder and David Harbour.

Disney’s streaming service has Finn Jones.

It’s a no-brainer which streaming service you should be paying for.