Disney Retcons ‘Star Wars’ to Make Luke Skywalker ‘The Chosen One’

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

It’s a tale as old as time.

A child is born of immaculate conception. Young, innocent, and eager to learn, he takes upon himself a monastic life of religious study, dedicating his time to helping others using his mystical powers.

Then he slaughters some children, gets his arms and legs chopped off, and starts dressing in black leather.

But while George Lucas has insisted for decades now that Darth Vader is “The Chosen One”, the hero who will bring balance to the Force (albeit in a very roundabout way), it seems that this element of Star Wars canon is just another in a long list of Lucas’ ideas that Disney is eager to ditch in favor of a more cohesive narrative.

A recent episode of Star Wars Rebels, a show which takes place within the new Disney Star Wars continuity and which has featured plenty of key plot points and characters that have shown up in later movies, features a climactic battle between Darth Maul (who, by the way, is still alive despite having been relieved of everything below his bellybutton) and aging Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi.

After easily defeating Maul, Obi Wan reveals why he’s been sat in a hut on a desert rock for twenty years – he’s been watching after the real Chosen One as the young boy grows to manhood.

Yes, that’s right – Star Wars Rebels has retconned away the biggest plot point of the Prequels, and turned Luke Skywalker into the Chosen One, at least in Obi Wan’s eyes.

It makes an awful lot of sense, too. After all, the only thing that Darth Vader did to “bring balance to the Force” was killing a single Sith, after wiping out all the Jedi. That’s a fairly depressing interpretation of the prophecy.



Much more enjoyable is to believe that, by redeeming his father, and ending a reign of darkness and oppression across the galaxy, Luke Skywalker is the real Chosen One, whose acts are a lot more heroic.

But here’s the question – is this small snippet of dialogue in Rebels a throwaway line? Or does the reframed Chosen One tie into The Last Jedi in some key way?

It’s possible that in The Last Jedi, Luke will show off some of this amazing Chosen One power, and will reveal the truth behind his mission to “bring balance to the Force”.

Or, perhaps, Luke will reveal that Obi Wan was wrong about him, and that neither he, nor his father, are the Chosen One. Maybe we’ll discover that Rey or Kylo Ren are the real real Chosen One?

Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but with Disney pushing so hard to connect their new movies with the original trilogy while simultaneously burying the prequel canon as far away as possible, it definitely makes sense that the company would look to make Luke the Chosen One instead of his deadbeat dad.

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