Disney’s Planned “Snow White” Spin-Off Sounds Exhausting

Matthew Loffhagen
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Walt Disney (the company, not the person) has plans for a spin-off of the classic animated movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

The new movie, titled “Rose Red”, will be about Snow’s sister, who we’ve never heard from or seen before, because sure, why not?

According to rumors, Brie Larson could be up for the titular role, in Disney’s latest attempt to adapt a classic animated feature into a gritty live-action blockbuster.


I can’t say that I was ever on board with these live-action Disney reimaginings.

“Maleficent” looked interesting at first, but the effort taken to make the story of “Sleeping Beauty” feel grim and bleak just made the whole thing feel silly.

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The worst offender by far is “Beauty and the Beast”, which adds nothing of merit to the movie it directly copies. The whole movie is just embarrassing.

At least “Rose Red” will be a little more complex, trying, as it will, to expand the story of the original film. Perhaps this could even fix some of the more problematic elements of the original movie, such as the dwarfs’ creepy decision to put their dead house guest on a pedestal so that all the forest creatures can watch her decompose.

Snow White Doesn’t Need an Update

I will admit that “Snow White” is a fairly dated movie, but I do think that elements of it hold up. The animation is gorgeous, and it’s really a marvel to behold.

I also don’t entirely buy into the argument that Snow is a helpless damsel. For much of the story, she finds herself in difficult situations, then uses her considerable resources to get out of danger. She relies on her ability to command woodland creatures to do her bidding, and finds a to convince a a bunch of suspicious men to provide her with a place to stay while she’s hiding from her step-mother.

All said, I’m not sure that the world is really calling out for another “Snow White” movie, and this simply feels like Disney trying to capitalize on the enduring brand appeal that the original film has inspired.

These live-action Disney remakes and spin-offs are exhausting. I’m just so tired of seeing the same basic stories playing out over and over again.

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Perhaps I’m still salty because Disney cancelled “Gigantic”, which looked very pretty from that one piece of concept art we got to see. In fairness, I’m obviously not the target audience for “Rose Red”.

I dunno. I’m just not particularly excited to see a grimdark princess movie. We’ve had enough of these, and even throwing Charlize Theron into the mix isn’t enough to make the story interesting.

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