“Doctor Who” Season 11’s Comic-Con Trailer Looks Incredible

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: BBC)

“Doctor Who” has come to the San Diego Comic-Con in force, with a beautiful new trailer that shows off some of the new characters that’ll appear in the show’s latest incarnation.

Truth be told, there’s still not a lot on display here. It seems that the BBC is playing things very close to the chest, which is understandable considering that the corporation has a notorious problem with leaks and spoilers.

We see a few alien worlds, a couple of weird settings, and some explosions. Otherwise, the short trailer is more focused on giving us a glimpse at The Doctor, her personality, and her little group of followers.

The New Best Friends

It’s very smart, the way that “Doctor Who” regenerates over time. Not only can the main actor be switched out whenever convenient, but the various companions and sidekicks that come along for the ride can similarly be ditched and replaced to help make the show feel fresh.

I’m still sad to see Bill go, as she was genuinely the best companion for a while and it’s a shame that she only got one season. Nevertheless, the idea of a full Tardis with multiple companions is music to my ears. From what we see in this trailer, the show will hopefully build on the opportunities presented by this more eclectic group of heroes.

We’ll probably have to wait a little longer to actually get to meet any of these characters. We’ve not seen much of the companions interacting with each other up to this point. I suspect they might all be relative strangers before being thrust together at the start of the season, but I could be wrong.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that Jodie Whittaker has more than enough charisma and energy to work as a tether between these disparate characters. No matter their connection before the adventures they’re about to undertake, I get the feeling that The Doctor will be the real force that will connect them.

Following The Doctor

In addition to the trailer, there’s also an adorable little clip of Whittaker making her way to San Diego for Comic-Con. This is similarly short and sweet, but I like it. The clip shows a lot of the feel of the series, and if it’s this much fun to follow Jodie Whittaker around in the show itself, we’re all going to have a good time.

Personally, I very much enjoyed most of Steven Moffatt’s time as showrunner on “Doctor Who”. I know this isn’t necessarily the most popular opinion, but nevertheless, barring a slow patch in the middle, I feel like Moffatt did a really good job.

Even so, it’s been a long time since 2010. “Doctor Who” thrives on new ideas, and the show is definitely in need of a fresh take and a new approach.

I’m confident that Chris Chibnall has what it takes to make this show really special, and I’m going to have a lot of fun enjoying each episode of the revitalized show upon its release.

In the meantime, there’s always this clip of David Tennant onstage with some Muppets to tide me over.