Does an “Infinity War” Lego Set Tease a Crucial New Friend for Doctor Strange?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lego/Marvel)

The toys are back in town – as Marvel gears up for the release of “Infinity War”, various merchandise companies are also getting things ready for the movie’s big launch. Most notable among these is Lego, the biggest toy company in the world, that may have just inadvertently revealed a major plot point for Doctor Strange and his role within the upcoming movie.

Lego sets that reveal spoilers is nothing new; you can learn a lot about any major blockbuster from checking out what building blocks have been released to tie in with a film.

Sometimes Lego even buys advertising time at the start of a movie, so you’re forced to sit through a commercial that shows off a film’s big moments before the film actually starts!

Lego Sanctum Sanctorum
Source: Lego

With the “Infinity War” sets, things aren’t too bad. We already know, for example, that Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is going to appear in the movie, as it’s been spotted in trailers, so the knowledge that there’ll be a Lego set based on this location isn’t too shocking.

But, hey, what’s that down by the door to 177A Bleecker Street?

It certainly looks an awful lot like someone has stuck a cell phone in the middle of a spider’s web!

Spider Web Lego
Source: Lego

Considering the Sanctum Sanctorum doesn’t appear to employ a decent cleaner (although it could potentially be managed by some autonomous magic mops, “Fantasia” style) it’s not too surprising that the place might get a bit dusty, and cobwebs aren’t an unexpected sight.

The inclusion of a web that has a phone on it, though, suggests that something bigger is at play – Doctor Strange might be about to start a casual phone relationship with Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.

Such a thing would not be without precedent; Spidey and Doctor Strange have spent time together in the comics, although the Sorceror Supreme doesn’t always particularly enjoy it. The pair have a fun dynamic, with Spider-Man’s constant talkative quips grating on the nerves of a man who generally considers himself too emotionally mature to get annoyed.

Spider-Man and Doctor Strange
Source: Marvel

This works well in the comics, and one can only assume that it’ll really sparkle on the big screen.

Kevin Feige has spoken about how cute it was to get a bunch of key Marvel actors together in the same room and watch them geek out over each other. It stands to reason that Tom Holland would probably be pretty pleased to meet Sherlock, so perhaps his time with Benedict Cumberbatch is partially what Feige was referring to.

Either way, it looks like “Infinity War” is going to be a lot of fun, and we may well get the joyous opportunity to watch Spider-Man annoy Doctor Strange until he zaps him into another dimension!