Does Anyone Actually Want “Die Hard 6”?

Matthew Loffhagen
20th Century Fox
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Sigh. “Die Hard 6” has some writers, and it looks like the project is moving forward.

Does anyone else feel really, really tired all of a sudden?

Apparently, Chad and Carey Hayes, who wrote “The Conjuring” and its sequel, have joined “Die Hard 6” in order to rewrite the movie’s script. Considering the quality of the last few movies in this overly long franchise, it’s somewhat surprising that there even is a script, let alone one that the studio cares about getting right.

The “Die Hard” franchise pretty much lives up to its name – despite having long since run out of steam, it simply refuses to do the decent thing and die off so that audiences can stop having to ignore it.

After all, these films don’t exactly pull in a huge crowd anymore. We’re a long way past the era when putting Bruce Willis in a movie was enough to get people to want to see a film.

Death Wish
Source: MGM

The most recent Bruce Willis movie, a remake of “Death Wish”, proves just how much this aging action hero doesn’t give a crap anymore. He’s happy to show up, say his lines, go home, and cash his check. There’s not much to make this performance stand out from anything else he’s done in recent years.

So with Bruce Willis himself running out of enthusiasm for his own action career, why should anyone else care? Especially when the past few “Die Hard” movies have been utterly terrible!

Besides, the basic formula of this franchise has been copy-pasted into pretty much every possible scenario. We’ve had “Die Hard” on a boat, on a plane, in the White House (twice), and basically anything other confined location that Hollywood screenwriters can think of.

Unless the Hayes brothers intend to bring their horror movie experience with them and this upcoming film will see John McClane fighting ghosts, there’s nothing left to say.

Bruce Willis Die Hard
Source: 20th Century Fox

This franchise needs to die. Bruce Willis needs to at least take a break for a while. Or at least find a kind of movie that he’s at least vaguely enthusiastic about.

If we never have another film in which a gruff, aging action star tries to relive their earlier success, the world will be a slightly better place.